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Daughter of Chronos:



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Death Sentence.

1. Display.

2. Spider and Fly.

3. Blueprint.

4. Suspicion.

5. The Time Maiden.


Daughter of Chronos: 


Hi, and welcome to ‛Daughter of Chronos: Part 1,’ the first of a series of novels written by a father-daughter collaboration of first-time authors, Nigel and Deanna Nessling.  At the moment we are seeking a publisher for this, and the second completed book in the series, ‛Daughter of Chronos: Part 2.’

In order for you, our visitors, and hopefully future customers, to get as full a taste of our work as possible, we decided to upload the prologue and the first five chapters of part one of ‘Daughter of Chronos.’  An unusually large amount, but we wanted to give you the best opportunity to get to know all of our main characters.  This is because we need as many visitors as possible to leave a comment, either here on this site, or on our Facebook page, to show publishers and agents there is a strong potential market for our work.  We thought that to give any less would make it more difficult for you, our visitors, to reach a fair-minded viewpoint.  The complete part one has a total of twenty-eight chapters, and can be read as a single, stand-alone book. 

Part two contains twenty-nine chapters, and can also be read alone, or out-of-sequence, but naturally would be more entertaining if read as intended, as the second part of a two-part serial.  If we should be fortunate enough to obtain a publishing contract, we have outlines for at least two and possibly more books, featuring all of the main characters.

Finally we would like all our readers to know that 5% of any royalties made from publishing will go to the charity 'Missing people' a subject close to our hearts.


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