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Daughter of Chronos:


Death Sentence



Duncan Falls,

British Province of New Hampshire,

The Americas.

30th May, 1699





  She waited, hoping, praying.

  No answer came. 

  The quiet of the night stole the soft noise from beyond her cell window, snuffing out a brief glimmer of hope. 

  "Please..." she whispered, head lowered, "Mama..."

  A sob hitched in her throat.  There would be no reprieve, no mercy.  Her mother wasn't coming.  With the last hope gone she slumped against the wall, face in hands, and slid back to the floor.  More tears trickled through her fingers, dampening the salty trails already dried on her cheeks.

  A dull ache reminded the girl of her wounds, the pain sharpened by fresh cuts from the manacles clamped too tightly to her wrists.  From the first moment she was locked in the cell, her hands had torn at the cold steel chain that held her to the floor, desperately attempting to work it loose.  But her exertions produced nothing but a mocking, laughter-like rattle from the links.  Instead, all she had managed was to further bruise and tear the tender flesh of her arms.  

  Beyond the distant mountains, across the forests and rivers, the dawn she had been dreading crept towards the small town nestled in the broad valley, and first light was not far away.

  To be welcomed by most, for the girl the coming sunrise held only a fatal promise.  She knew that once the warmth of the sun had settled on the town she would die. 

  For a day and a night the girl had wept for her mother, pleading her innocence and begging for mercy. 

  Her pleas went unheeded.  The words of a young girl weighed little next to the verdict of the court.  Now, torn from the few who still loved her, despised by everyone else, she was afraid, confused, and for the first time, alone. 

  A pale light slipped under the door, flickering as a draught threatened to extinguish the flame of a lonely candle.  Consumed by dread, desperately yearning to be wrapped safely in her mother’s embrace, she still could not comprehend why she was there, why she had to die.

  “Mama, please,” she murmured, the words cut by sobs, “please come to me...” 

  The quiet unnerved her, preyed on her fears, for she knew it couldn’t last.  In time, the silence would be broken by the sound of the guard’s footsteps, approaching the door.  Then there would be just a few more minutes till her life was over, terminated at the end of the executioner’s rope. 

  And he would come.  She knew, eventually, certainly, he would come.

  “Oh Lord, please, let Mama-”

  A clink from the corridor outside silenced her plea.  Her body froze, breathing halted.  Something was wrong.  It was still dark outside; they had told her she wouldn’t be hanged till daylight. 

  As she rose to her knees, a key turned in the lock. 

  “No, no, no,” she begged, “please, not yet, oh Lord…”

  No words could stop the door from opening.   With a creak of dissent it slid inward, revealing a single figure, silhouetted in the growing frame of light from the candle. 

  As the stranger entered, she fell silent, her speech abducted by terror.

  He advanced towards her.

  The time had come.









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