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The Authonomy online writing community.


As novice authors, we have always striven to find ways to improve our skills, and so when we were told about Authonomy, a website for beginners to hone their craft, we naturally saw it as a great chance to expand on our talent.  I have to say it was the best move we ever made!  We have learned so much more about creative writing than we ever did while at school, and as a result our book has improved immeasurably compared to how it was when we first joined.  We have uploaded a portion of our book on Authonomy, just as here, and visitors to this site are welcome, indeed encouraged, to take a look.  Reading of books is by membership only, but joining is easy and costs nothing. 

There are a great number of truly excellent manuscripts on this site, and ours is humble by comparison to many of them.  If you enjoy reading, or, like us, are dabbling at becoming a writer yourself, we cannot recommend this site highly enough.  Our profile page can be found at the link below, where you can also find the link to our book.  You will need to use Google Chrome to view all the books on the site.


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