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Without whom...



...none of this would have been possible!  I think it goes without saying that projects such as ours could never get off the ground without help, and we have been fortunate in having the generous assistance of many kind people in bringing our dream to this stage.  So it seems only proper and fitting to publicly show our heartfelt gratitude to these people, without whose time and assistance we would be floundering, alone and rudderless.

From the writing side, I need to thank the members of the Authonomy online writing community.  If it wasn’t for those people, both friends and fellow critics, this humble would-be author would still struggle to know the difference between his its and it’s!

Talking of which, our next thank-you is owed to another online friend of mine, Jennifer Littlejohn.  Proof-reading of any manuscript is a difficult and time-consuming job, and is always best done by a fresh pair of eyes other than the original author.  So when Jennifer offered to read through our entire two-book series I naturally jumped at the chance.  And, despite having gone through my own writing a hundred times or more already, Jen has found plenty of little mistakes I somehow overlooked.  Thanks, Jen!

As a point of interest, several people have told us we would have made things easier for ourselves, as British citizens, if we had set our story in England, rather than New Hampshire, U.S.A.  And for sure we would have avoided all those cultural differences, language variations and phraseology hiccups!  Fortunately we could always rely on our American ‛literary consultant,’ Dexter Carmicheal.  An all-round nice guy, Dex is one of several American ex-service personnel with whom I am fortunate enough to work with, and I was always running to him and asking things like ‛How do you guys say such-and-such?’ or, ‛What’s the American word for so-and-so?’  Never once did he show any annoyance at my ignorance!

Then there’s our fabulous book cover.  Almost from the day I first started writing our novel, I had an image in my mind of how the cover should look.  But it was well over a year before that mental picture was finally translated into reality.  And we are indebted to Deanna’s friends for making it work.  Firstly to Evelyn Handscome, for creating the prison smock for our model.  Then Bryony Gemmell, for posing as our heroine, Verity.  And finally Megan Wilson, a whiz with all things Photoshop, who took that simple photograph and made it look, not just period, but also so emotive.

It was also long a dream of mine to have a website to showcase our work, with the intention of generating interest and gathering opinions and comments.  So Dee and I commissioned Peter Mann, of Activ web design, and gave him a brief outline of what we required.  Peter did a great job, and is still available to us for backup should we need him.  We are also indebted to Adrian Upshon, a long-time close personal friend, and Aaron Chmelik, of Azure Sphere Consulting, for getting deeper into the web design programme than I ever could understand, and tweaking the way our site looked, till it was polished to perfection.  Thanks guys!   

Then there’s our Facebook book page, and for the cover image at the top we need to thank Bradley Wind, another fellow scribbler on the Authonomy group.  He took one of Dee’s conceptual artwork pieces, and merged it with a font graphic from our own site.  The result, I think you’ll agree, is spectacular!

Speaking of all things social media, I have personally never had even the slightest interest in any of those networking sites.  However, we were strongly advised that we needed a hefty internet presence to help promote our own website, and that we needed to join every social media site under the Sun.  I must admit, that whole idea scared me.  Being a bit of a technophobe, I found each new site daunting, and I would probably have given up if it wasn’t for another of Dee’s friends, Eleanor Wright.  She took this old dinosaur by the hand, and patiently led me through each one, until I understood how to work each site to our advantage.  Elle has now instigated ‘Team Chronos,’ consisting of herself, Deanna and I, and is always coming up with ever more creative ways of promoting our books.  Way to go, Elle!

Finally, and most importantly, we would like to thank you, our visitors, for taking the time to read through our work, and for leaving comments both here and on our Facebook page.  We need your help most of all, and are eternally grateful for all your support so far.


Now, we just need that elusive publishing contract!




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