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World famous in Ipswich!



  We have made the press!  Well, at least our local press, anyway.  On a visit to our town centre a few weeks ago, I decided it was about time to carry out an action I had planned long ago; Approach our local newspapers and ask if they would be interested in doing a story about a father/daughter writing team.  I had no idea if they would, in fact, be bothered, and even as we walked through the door, I turned to Dee and said, ‘Now we’re here, I have no idea what to say!’ 

  Fortunately, I must have said the right things, because  it all turned out rather well.  On the 5th of January we appeared on the Monday morning edition of the ‘East Anglian Daily Times,’ followed by the Tuesday evening copy of the ‘Ipswich star.’  We were also promised we would be on their website, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  So instead of providing a link, I’ve copied out the article, word for word here.  And here it is, our first steps towards fame and glory!





Two-year project of writing sci-fi book bonds father and daughter


  An Ipswich father and daughter who have co-written an unpublished science-fiction novel have said the two-year project has brought them closer together.

  Nigel Nessling, 56, and his 18-year-old daughter, Deanna said writing the two-part time-travel novel, entitled Daughter of Chronos, was an emotional and sometimes difficult project which ultimately strengthened their friendship.

  Mr Nessling, a helicopter technician at Wattisham airfield, explained how a seemingly routine trip to the cinema led to the joint venture.

  He said, “Just over two years ago we saw ParaNorman, an animated film about a kid who sees ghosts.  But I didn’t like the ending because a character dies and I don’t like sad endings.  On the way home I told Deanna how I would have done it because time-travelling is close to my heart, and she said I had to write it.

  “I have done the bulk of the writing, but she has helped with character development.  When she comes in from school, if I have writer’s block, she will help.  When we finished it all, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.  I burst into tears when I told her.  We were already good friends and have definitely bonded more.”

  The pair are now taking on their next challenge - finding a publisher.

  Mr Nessling, who lives with his wife, Kerena, and Deanna in Larchcroft Road, and has two other children who have moved out, said, “The odds of a novice author getting published are 5,000/1.  I am more of a realist but Deanna is convinced we will get published.  I don’t know, but every time I get down she gives me a slap.  She is the driving force.”

  For more details about the book and to help the pair get published visit



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